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Literary Translation Services

The weight of each word
When it comes to literature, you know that nothing has been written at random. Form, style and content of a literary work contain the author's thoughts and message, which often goes beyond what is printed on the paper. This is what makes literary translation a really tricky task: you have to know the author along with his or her cultural background and, at the same time, be able to re-create for the foreign reader a text which preserves the spirit, message and formal characteristics of the original work. It’s a matter of experience, knowledge and sensitivity.

A literal translation full of inappropriate direct translations and flat phrases, written by a beginner, improvising translator or, even worse, a computer-aided translation program, can turn even a Nobel Prize-winning piece into a sloppy, inconsistent, unreadable text.

This is why our literary translation services are carried out by professional Russian translators and each text undergoes a double review before delivery. Only in this way can we correctly reconstruct in the target language the settings, characters, atmospheres and emotions created by the author.

Make the right choice:
entrust us with your literary translations from or into Russian.


The opinion of our customers is really important to us.
Regarding the time, I have nothing to complain, you were very efficient in translating and the TNT was also efficient in delivering the envelope, that is more important to me.

Personally I am happy with your Russian translation services, first of all because you were available and you responded all sorts of questions I had, especially regarding the bank transfer.

So, in a few words I would say that, I am satisfied with the translation. Once again, thank you for your availability.

Carlos Mairoce
Balalaika have been a great choice of company for us at We had the pleasure of working with them on a large project where they have showed professionalism and intuitivity in translating from English to Russian. They were very punctual and fast in their work. They are also Amazing guys who really have a knack for building a strong relationship with their customer! I would recommend Balalaika to any company who wishes to have fast, professional and intuitive Russian translation results and have fun doing it!  Thank you guys from! 
Lucy Ladchenko
I required the service of Balalaika Business Solutions to translate a document from Russian to English for visa purposes and I received exceptional service. The staff were extremely helpful and helped me in a timeous manner. I would recommend this Russian translation company to anyone looking for fast and efficient service.
Stacey Charman
Cliente privato / Individual / Частное лицо